1.1 The Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") apply to the use by you (hereinafter referred to as the "Player") of games on the site https://Bongo-game.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Site", "Bongo Casino") via the Internet, mobile or any other platform.

1.2 These Rules enter into force the user agreement between the Player and Bongo Casino.

1.3 The Rules come into force from the moment the Player registers an account on the Site. By this action, the Player notifies Bongo Casino that he has read the Rules and confirms his agreement with them. Attention: using the Site, the Player automatically confirms that he has read the Rules and agrees with them.

1.4 The player have to read the Rules thoughtfully and carefully before registering an account. If the Player does not agree with at least one paragraph of the Rules, then he should not continue to use the Site.

1.5 The Player must be aware that he is obliged to comply with all established Rules and carefully monitor the changes and / or additions that may be made by Bongo Casino to the user agreement.

1.6 Bongo Casino reserves the right to supplement and/or amend the Rules at any time and without notice.

1.7 Rules and explanations regarding games and separately presented on the Site are incorporated into these Rules by reference.

1.8 By accepting these Rules, the Player confirms that he knows and understands the rules of the games presented on the Site. The player may, at his own discretion, familiarize himself with the value of the theoretical return in any particular game.

1.9 Some games may not be available in certain regions depending on the policies of game providers, which may change from time to time.



2.1.1 In order to be able to place bets, the Player must register an account on the Site ("Player Account").

2.1.2 The player must enter all the required information requested on the registration form, including a valid email address. Otherwise, Bongo Casino cannot guarantee assistance in recovering a password or confirming certain payouts. It is the sole responsibility of the Player to make sure that he provides true, complete and correct information.

2.1.3 During the registration process, the Player must choose a username and password. Ensuring the safety and security of this data is a matter of personal disciplinary responsibility of the Player. Under no pretext, the Player should entrust his personal data to anyone. Bongo Casino is not responsible for the abuse of the Player's account by third parties, if the Player himself (intentionally or accidentally, actively or passively) transferred his personal data to third parties.

2.1.4 Bongo Casino reserves the right to refuse to register an account or close the Player's account. However, all virtual funds available on the account will be returned to the Player, and all obligations specified in the agreement are met.

2.1.5 Collusion of Players, as well as the use of any kind of robots or programmed devices in the game is prohibited at Bongo Casino. In such circumstances, Bongo Casino reserves the right to cancel the results of the game.

2.1.6 Bongo Casino uses SSL encryption to ensure the security of transactions. All data received from the Player is considered confidential and is not transferred to third parties.


2.2.1 The player can take part in the game only if there is a sufficient amount of virtual funds on his account. To avoid misunderstandings, we clarify that the wording "virtual funds" means bitcoin or any other currency. Bongo Casino does not provide any type of virtual loan for the use of games.

2.2.2 Under certain circumstances, Bongo Casino may credit the Player's account with a so-called "bonus". The conditions for receiving a bonus (for example, on the first deposit) and its amount are determined by Bongo Casino and are periodically displayed on the Site.

2.2.3 Bongo Casino is not a financial institution and therefore should not be treated as such. Funds on the Player's account do not bring any percentage of profit.

2.2.4 Bongo Casino is not an exchange office and does not convert currencies, including between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

2.2.5 Please note that bonuses are subject to specific terms and conditions (“Bonus Terms and Conditions”) which are available at the following link.

2.2.6 For making deposits, it is allowed to use only bank cards or electronic wallets belonging to the Player personally. The full name of the bank card holder, as well as personal data in the profiles of any other means of payment used for deposits or withdrawals, must match the personal data on the Player's account at Bongo Casino.

2.2.7 The Player may at any time opt out of receiving promotional emails. However, even in the event of such a refusal, Bongo Casino reserves the right to send out newsletters containing important information about the Player's account.


2.3.1 Bongo Casino tries to process payouts instantly, or at least within one hour, but in some cases it may take longer to process payouts. Approximate payment terms for each of the available payment systems are indicated in the "Payments" section.

2.3.2 Payments in bitcoins are made to the wallet address specified by the Player. If this address has not been used before, then you need to confirm it via e-mail. To withdraw any virtual funds deposited into an account, there must be at least one confirmation of this deposit in the blockchain. If the transaction was made with a low commission, then it may take about 20 minutes to receive one confirmation.

2.3.3 If any funds or bonuses were mistakenly added to the Player's account (due to a technical error in the payout table, an error caused by a human factor, etc.), then these funds or bonuses remain the property of Bongo Casino and will be debited from the account. If the Player withdraws funds that do not belong to him before the error was noticed, then the erroneously paid amount (without prejudice to the legal rights of the Player) will be considered as the Player's debt to the Bongo Casino. In the event of an erroneous replenishment of the balance, the Player is obliged to immediately notify Bongo Casino about this by e-mail.

2.3.4 The player must understand that virtual funds are used instantly, and Bongo Casino does not provide the possibility of returning or canceling them. In the case of particularly large casino winnings, Bongo Casino reserves the right to divide the payout into monthly payments.

2.3.5 In the event that a Player mistakenly sent funds in one cryptocurrency to a wallet address related to another cryptocurrency (for example, BTC to a BCH address), Bongo Casino does not provide for the possibility of recovering lost funds. If the payment amount exceeds $5,000, then Bongo Casino may, at the request of the Player and subject to the removal of an additional commission of 0.1 BTC, initiate an attempt to recover the lost funds, however, even in this case, no guarantees of successful recovery are provided.

2.3.6 Please note that an erroneous deposit must be reported within 7 days of making it. This procedure is in accordance with the standard currency exchange practice. Also, recovery of private keys for BTC is not possible.

2.3.7 Neither Bongo Casino nor external payment processors charge a fee for processing payouts. However, please note that such a fee may be provided by the Player's bank.


2.4.1 The player can close his account by contacting the support service. When an account is closed, Bongo Casino provides a refund of the funds remaining on the balance, minus the transaction fees for processing the corresponding payment. The payment method for refunds is at the discretion of Bongo Casino.

2.4.2 Bongo Casino reserves the exclusive right, without giving reasons and/or prior notice, to close the Player's account and return to the Player the remaining funds on it, minus the transaction fees for processing the corresponding payment.


3.1 The Player hereby confirms that:

  • The player uses games only for personal, non-professional interests: for the purpose of recreation or entertainment.
  • The player uses the games on his own behalf, and not on behalf of any other person.
  • All information that the Player provides to Bongo Casino during the term of this agreement is true, complete and up-to-date. The player must immediately notify Bongo Casino of any changes to this information.
  • The Player is aware that by using the games, he assumes the risk of possible loss of virtual funds deposited into his account.
  • Bongo Casino prohibits the use of any software or other devices and methods that affect the gaming process. If such violations are detected, Bongo Casino reserves the right to declare any Player's bet void.
  • The player understands that the cost of bitcoin, depending on the market rate, can fluctuate significantly.
  • The Player is prohibited from transferring virtual funds from his account to other Players or receiving them from other Players, as well as transferring, selling or acquiring accounts of other users.
  • Communication during the game on the Site is built according to the same communication laws that are accepted in society. This means that Players must not use rudeness or profanity in their communications and must try to avoid offensive or provocative language.
  • It may happen that by mistake a bet is confirmed or, for example, a payout is made. In such cases, Bongo Casino reserves the right to cancel all bets accepted by mistake or to correct the mistake made by re-accepting all bets at the prices / exchange rate differences and under the conditions that were relevant at the time of the mistake, at the same time that the bet was originally placed.
  • If the Player becomes aware of a vulnerability or possible errors in the software, then he undertakes to refrain from using this situation in his own interests. In addition, the Player agrees to immediately notify Bongo Casino of any such error or vulnerability. If the Player fails to comply with the obligations under this paragraph, then Bongo Casino is entitled to full compensation for all costs associated with an error or vulnerability, including costs incurred due to the lack of notice from the Player.
  • In the event that the game was started, but was interrupted due to a system failure, Bongo Casino will reimburse the Player for the amount of the bet by crediting funds to his game account, or, if this account no longer exists, in another way agreed with the Player. If the Player had accumulated credits in the game at the time of the failure, then the monetary equivalent of these credits will be reimbursed by crediting funds to the game account, or, if this account no longer exists, in another way agreed with the Player.

3.1 The Player hereby confirms that:

  • The player or his accomplices directly or indirectly influenced the results of the game in order to obtain illegal benefits.
  • The player or his accomplices did not directly or indirectly comply with the Rules of the Bongo Casino.
  • The results of the game have been directly or indirectly affected by fraudulent activities.


4.1 The Player acknowledges and confirms the reasonableness of the actions of the Bongo Casino when requesting the Player's personal data necessary to access the site, as well as to ensure the Player's safe and most comfortable use of the games.

4.2 Bongo Casino confirms that when collecting the Player's personal data, Bongo Casino is subject to the legal measure "on the protection of personal data". Bongo Casino is committed to keeping the Player's personal information secure and respecting the Player's privacy.

4.3 The Player's personal data is used by Bongo Casino solely to provide the Player with access to the games and the Player's operations related to the use of the games. Bongo Casino employees get access to the Player's personal data only in cases where this information is a necessary condition for the performance of their official duties.

4.4 The Player's personal data is not transferred to third parties, if this is not necessary for processing the Player's requests related to the use of games. The Player confirms his consent to the transfer of relevant information in such cases.

4.5 The player has the right to access his personal information stored in the Bongo Casino by sending a request by mail. In order to take all necessary measures to update the Player's personal data, Bongo Casino asks the Player to immediately report any changes in personal information stored by Bongo Casino. If, in the opinion of the Player, the information about him is inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect, the Player may contact Bongo Casino to make the necessary changes. In addition, the Player has the right to request the blocking or complete deletion of data that was obtained or processed illegally.

4.6 For the convenience of using the site, as well as to record site traffic and improve the quality of service, Bongo Casino uses cookies (small information files sent by the Player's browser). The Player may disable the collection of cookies in the browser settings, however, it should be borne in mind that this may limit the Player's ability to use the Site.

4.7 Bongo Casino regularly provides information about changes and / or additions, new services and promotions, as well as everything that, in the opinion of Bongo Casino, may be interesting and useful for the Player. If the Player does not want to receive newsletters, he can refuse this service in his personal account.


5.1 With a claim for unfair provision of services, the Player can contact the support service, following the instructions posted on the site.

5.2 The Player's claims are processed in the support department. If the issue cannot be resolved promptly, the Player's claim is redirected to the higher department of Bongo Casino. The validity of the claim will be considered, and the Player, to the extent possible, will be notified of the result.

5.3 The Player agrees that in the event of any dispute, the game server records act as the final authority determining the outcome of any claim.

5.4 The Player acknowledges and agrees that in the hypothetical case of discrepancies between the result that appears on the Player's screen and the result of the game server, the results of the game server will prevail. The Player also acknowledges and agrees that the records of the game server are the final authority determining the conditions and circumstances of the game, as well as its results.

5.5 In the event of such disputes, Bongo Casino has the right to use any available contact information for prompt communication with the Player.

5.6 The Player agrees that any claim in relation to these Terms and Conditions or any service provided by Bongo Casino must be brought within one year from the date the relevant grounds for claim arise.


6.1 By visiting the Site and using the games, the Player assumes all the risks associated with this. The site and games are provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

6.2 Subject to all the foregoing provisions, Bongo Casino, its management, employees, partners, service providers do not guarantee:

  • that the software or the Site is appropriate for the purposes of the Player;
  • that the software and the Site are error-free;
  • that the Site and/or the Games will be available without interruption;

6.3 Bongo Casino (its management, employees, partners, service providers) are not responsible for any loss, cost, expense or damage, whether direct, indirect, private, incidental, incidental or any other that may arise during the use of the Site by the Player or games.

6.4 The Player agrees to fully release Bongo Casino, (its management, employees, partners and service providers) from material and any other liability for any costs, bills, losses, damages, claims and obligations that may arise for any reason in connection with using by the Player the site or games of the Bongo Casino.

6.5 No information published on the Site or on behalf of Bongo Casino can constitute an offer or recommendation of any kind of investment. Information and data provided on the Site or on behalf of Bongo Casino should not be used for the purpose of trading in securities or making any other investments. Links to other sites do not imply endorsement of the linked sites, their owners or content and should not be taken as such. Bongo Casino strongly recommends that you conduct your own analysis before making any decisions regarding finances and investments, as well as contacting authorized professional advisors.


7.1 If the Player violates any of the provisions of the Rules or in case of reasonable suspicion of their violation, Bongo Casino reserves the right not to open, temporarily or permanently close the Player's account, as well as to refuse to pay the Player any winnings and consider these funds as compensation for losses of the Bongo Casino Casino caused by the Player.

7.2 The Player acknowledges that the final decision on violations of the Terms or Conditions of Use, which may lead to a temporary or permanent ban on the use of the Site, is the pre-emptive right of Bongo Casino.


8.1 The design of the site, text, graphics, music, sounds, photos and videos, their selection and arrangement, selections of software, underlying program code, software and other materials posted on the site are subject to copyright and other proprietary rights, which belong to Bongo Casino.

8.2 Under no circumstances may the use of the Site bring any user personal benefit under any intellectual property rights (such as copyright, know-how or trademarks) owned by Bongo Casino or any third party.


If Bongo Casino becomes aware that the Player has received a bonus knowingly to extract the maximum possible profit and in order to withdraw the specified bonus through fraudulent activities, or in any other attempt to misuse the bonus, Bongo Casino has the right to immediately confiscate any winnings, close the account and refuse in any payment. An example of an adventive game is postponing a game round, including free spins and bonus rounds, until the Player no longer needs to wager the bonus and/or has made a new deposit. In the interests of fair play, equal, zero, near-minimum or hedging bets will be considered illegal play for bonus wagering purposes. In the event that Bongo Casino discovers an illegal game, it reserves the right to refuse any payout and/or confiscate any winnings.


10.1 A request for a refund is only considered if it is created by the Player within the first 24 hours from the date of the relevant transaction (or within 30 calendar days from the date of the transaction if the Player insists that the payment was made by another person, gaining access to his account).

10.2 If the Player made deposits from a bank card, Bongo Casino reserves the right to make payments as part of the refund of funds up to the total amount of deposits made from the card. If the amount of payouts exceeds the amount of deposits, then any balance will be paid through other means of payment.

10.3 Any bonuses and winnings will be deducted from the Player's balance before the refund amount is calculated or any payouts are made. In the event that Bongo Casino or an external payment processor considers that any transactions through a bank card have an increased risk status for security or legal reasons, then the funds within these transactions will be returned to this card with notification to the relevant authorities and parties.


11.1 Bongo Casino adheres to a strict anti-fraud policy and uses a number of specialized tools and practices aimed at detecting fraudulent activities. If the Player is suspected of:

  • colluding with other players;
  • development of strategies aimed at obtaining winnings dishonestly;
  • fraudulent activity against other online casinos or payment processors;
  • making chargebacks (repayments) or denying the fact of making any payments;
  • registration of two or more game accounts;
  • playing roulette with minimal risk (making equal bets on black and red, even and odd, bets covering 25 out of 37 numbers on the table);
  • any other attempt to gain an unfair advantage;

11.2 In the event that the Player makes a chargeback, Bongo Casino reserves the right to:

  • request from the Player an amount equivalent to the amount of available funds on the Player's balance in order to compensate for damages and losses caused or resulting from chargebacks;
  • request from the Player further compensation for losses and financial damage by contacting him in one of the ways specified during registration (for example, by phone, e-mail, etc.);
  • close the Player's account and / or cancel any winnings received as a result of such an action or an attempt to perform such an action.

11.3 Bongo Casino strictly prohibits adventive gambling. The Player acknowledges that for any attempt to abuse welcome bonuses or other casino promotions, Bongo Casino has the right to cancel bonuses and confiscate any winnings received through such bonuses if:

  • stolen bank cards were used;
  • chargebacks initiated;
  • two (or more) accounts created for the purpose of abusing casino promotions;
  • incorrect registration data provided;
  • any other actions that may harm the casino have been committed.

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