02 Jun, 2023

Bonuses and wagering rules

How to get bonuses and wagering rules

Each user has two balances - money and bonus.
you can make a deposit only on the money balance and only from the money balance you can withdraw funds!
Various bonuses are awarded on the bonus balance and winnings from received bonuses are reserved! You cannot withdraw funds from the bonus balance, you can only transfer the reserved winnings from the bonus balance to the money balance.

Our casino offers its users welcome, no deposit and deposit bonuses. Types of bonuses offered - Free chips (FC), free spins (FS) and percentage of deposit (% of deposit)

1. Received bonuses (FC and % of the deposit) are indicated on the  left side (XX/__) of Bonus balance. The user can use them in games from category EXTRA BONUSES and place bets. Winnings from received bonuses are reserved on the right side of the bonus balance (__/XX).
2. Free Spins (FS) can be played in games that support this feature. Winnings from free spins are also reserved on the right side of the bonus balance (__/XX).

Reserved winnings from received bonuses cannot be used in games or bets. You need to wager and they will automatically go to your cash balance. Wagering coefficient x40, wagering time 10 days.

But don’t think that if you haven’t played back the reserved winnings on your bonus balance, you can’t withdraw funds. You can deposit funds into your money balance, play, win and withdraw funds from your money balance any time. In this case, all your bets are summed up and deducted from the wagering amount. The more you play and win, withdraw funds, your wagering amount decreases!

We give you a unique opportunity to wager in parts, for example, if your total bets when playing on the money balance amounted to 25% of the wagering amount, 25% of the reserved winnings will be transfered to the money balance. The next total bets, equal to 25% of the wagering amount and again 25% of the reserved winnings are transferred to the money balance and so on!
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